BavArian i WoRks

In the summer of 2005 I traveled back to the Mid-West from my home in Spokane, WA to visit my parents and good friends from the Quad-Cities area of Illinois.  While there I realized the need to tell the stories of my friends and their involvement in  local motorcycle clubs and motorcycle racing.  As I listened to their stories I could see the need to record all this historical information for future generations.


The following year I returned with an associate to the Quad-Cities and started the interview process.  We interviewed motorcycle club members and racers, traveling to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, California, Colorado and Nevada.  Over the years since I started this project many people have reached out to me offering more stories, pictures and movies.







One interviewee would lead to us to another suggesting we call the next person, many time making the call themselves.  We gathered many, many stories from all these wonderful people (most of which are in the motorcycle Hall-of-Fame) but now it was on tape. During the interview sessions we'd scan photos collect film for digital transfer which is now all complete.  It became evident from all the interviews there were enough stories covering different disciplines   (club activities, dirt track racing, hillclimbs, enduros and field events) that several documentaries could be produced covering motorcycle activities of this wonderful post WWII era which there is very little information about.


Below are the documentaries being developed at this time.  The Indian Wrecking Crew is completed and is now available as a DVD and download. Click on the thumbnail picture to open the web page explaining the individual projects.

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R.F. Maxey


Dedicated to the R.F. Maxey family and descendent's