This website is dedicated to the member's of the Rock River Riders both living and who have passed on to the big club house in the sky.  This is part two of a two part documentary.  On this site  we chronicle the exploits of Hall-of-Fame enduro champion Bill Baird and his friends Pete Thiakos, Bill Maxey, Bruce Knipple and his many friends in the Rock River Riders. Work is underway on this documentary showcasing Bill Baird's Grand National Championships victories, his travels during his GNC run  from 1960 until 1969, the RRR club activities and hillclimbs and final Bill's retirement from competition.   Enjoy some of the pictures from the collections of Joe & Laura Holman, Bill Maxey, Bill & Millie Baird, Bruce Knipple, Pete & Judy Thiakos, Chet & Donna Reglin, Frannie Hussong and Erwin "Smitty" & Pearl Smith.

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